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4 Surprises for the Ultimate Romantic Getaway

Romance travel is the perfect way to reconnect with the one you love, visit new places and check some things off your bucket list all at the same time! By far, one of my favorite parts about being a travel curation specialist is when I get the opportunity to plan a dreamy couples travel experience and help my clients create memories that they will never forget. In my opinion, there is no better way to grow closer together than seeing the world and indulging in the luxurious side of life with one another! 

Whether you’re traveling together for the very first time or you’ve been together for decades, the secret to planning the ultimate romantic getaway is in the little details. Sure, a tropical beach-front paradise or cozy, secluded cabin in the woods can make for the perfect backdrop to set the scene for your trip, but it’s the thoughtful gestures that lead to those special romantic moments and create the most memorable experiences!

If you and your partner are planning your next vacation, here are some surprises you can bring along to really enhance the romance! 

1. Bring candles to set a romantic atmosphere. 
I highly recommend the Diptyque Votive Candle Trio if you really want to impress your partner. This candle set comes with 3 mini-sized candles that are easy to hide in your suitcase until the perfect moment. Each candle is sensually decadent. It’s such a simple, but incredibly thoughtful way to create a romantic atmosphere and add a touch of luxury to your night.

2. Champagne. Chocolate. Nuff said. 
My second suggestion is truly a winning combination. There is nothing wrong with going the classic route and prearranging a nice bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries or other special treat for you two to enjoy when you settle in to your hotel room. Whatever your S.O. would enjoy - you know best!

3. Massage upon arrival? Yes please!
This one is what I would call the over-achiever move – a surprise massage after a long flight! Absolutely. This is a sure fire way to set the mood for relaxation from the very moment you arrive at your destination. 

4. Get creative!
One of my clients surprised their special someone by arranging for their first-dance wedding song to be playing as they entered their hotel room! It’s thoughtful moments like these that evoke that true romantic feeling and set the tone for you to fall in love all over again. 

Have a romantic trip...
Whether you’re planning a destination elopement, honeymoon, babymoon, anniversary or just a romantic getaway for you and the one you love, I hope these tips come in handy. A little surprise goes a long way! If you and your partner are looking to travel in luxury, there are plenty more tips where these came from. The ultimate romantic getaway is just a phone call away.